About me
What's to know about myself
Hi there,

my name is Kristýna and I live in Prague, Czech Republic. I'm passionate about God, photography, fashion, travel, dancing, blogging and many other things.

I'd love to have a photography business one day but at present I work as a social media manager.

I am in a youth group leadership team in my former church and I lead worship in my current church. I very much like it although it definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone. But serving other people is the best thing ever!

One of my dreams is to move to America (hopefully Texas?) some day. I've always been kinda crazy about America and the love for that place got stronger when I spent 2 months in Texas during summer 2013. I felt God spoke to me about my future. I strongly felt like that place is my home. Texas definitely has my heart but who knows, God's plan might be different and I might never end up there. I keep believing and waiting though. Sometimes we make our own plan and when it doesn't work out, we get upset but the only reason it doesn't work out is because God just has something way better in store! So I am chosing to not worry about this and trust God completely! (PS: You should do the same, just hand it all to God and He will take care of it, whatever it is!)

And in the mean time, you can read a little bit from my devotional blog. You're welcome to post comments, I would love to chat!



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